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Free SEO Courses

Master your SEO knowledge

Free SEO Courses

Ahrefs Academy: Blogging for business

With this free Ahrefs Academy training consisting of 10 tutorials, you will learn how to use your blog to grow your website past 100K monthly visitors and convert it into sales. You will learn how to write and optimize your content to make it attractive for both Google and potential customers.


Free online digital marketing courses and exams | SEMrush Academy

SEMrush Academy offers various digital marketing courses for free, as well as exams allowing you to get globally-recognized certificates. All you need to do is register on their page and you will be able to learn about backlinks, keywords, SEMrush tools, and more.


Moz Academy

Moz Academy offers a variety of SEO courses, including page optimization, keyword research, site audit and backlink basics. Now through May 31, they are completely free for the Moz community. You need to log into your account (or sign up if you don’t have one) and redeem your free training by using the code “wegotthis”.


FREE SEO Training Course, Learn Search Engine Optimisation |

Craig Campbell is an SEO expert who now offers his Advanced SEO course for free, as long as you sign up using his link. You will get the chance to learn more about not only SEO basics, but also other things, e.g., affiliate marketing, link building or Facebook Ads.


Online SEO training: Follow an online SEO course at Yoast

Yoast SEO academy teaches all the necessary SEO skills to everyone who cares about their online presence - bloggers, developers, business owners, marketers, and more. You can try their services by simply signing up and gaining access to a limited offer for free. If it suits your needs, you can buy an expanded subscription.


LinkResearchTools (LRT) Associate Training

LRT Associate training offers you all the necessary knowledge and tools to improve your SEO rankings and obtain a highly-valued SEO certificate. With the total value of € 445, it is now available for free until the end of May to support social distancing.


The Blueprint SEO Training™ | Learn to Scale Your SEO Agency 📘

The Blueprint Training will give you the chance to become an SEO expert and improve your online presence. They offer multiple modules for you to choose from (e.g. technical SEO, project management, keyword research, on page SEO, etc.) You can claim the templates, tools and extras from The SEO Blueprint Book for free, and, if you like it, buy access later.


SEO Training Course: Building Sustainable Traffic for Business Growth

HubSpot’s SEO training course is completely free and gives you the possibility to improve your website’s SEO by finding the right SEO strategy for your business, and learning about link building and blogging strategies.


A guide to hosting virtual events on YouTube - Think with Google

If your industry has already been affected by coronavirus and you’re thinking about how to adapt, Google is there to help you. Here, you can learn how to host events online, so that you can keep going and self-isolate at the same time. The guide is free!


New to SEO? Start Here with ClickMinded

Would you like to know the SEO strategy implemented by companies like PayPal or Airbnb? Now you can take the mini version of this course for free and explore the world of digital marketing. And if you like it, you can enroll in other great courses offered by Clickminded.


Ross Hudgens posted on LinkedIn

All you need to do is send an email to receive an access to 45-lesson content marketing course for free. If you’re thinking about improving your skills during the period of self-isolation, consider learning more about writing well-optimized content for your business. It will be worth it.


Udacity’s Contribution to the COVID-19 Crisis: One Free Month Access to Nanodegree Programs | Udacity

Udacity offers 40 premium Nanodegree programs, and now, in support of self-isolation, you have the opportunity to take one of them for free. Use this extra free time to gain some new skills! The offer is limited to the US and Europe.


Browser Rendering Optimization | Udacity

Apps need to run quickly and smoothly. Do you want to know how to achieve it? Udacity offer their Browser Rendering Optimization course for free now to help you learn building performant apps. Learn from the Google performance expert, Paul Lewis himself!


SEO Fundamentals Course with Greg Gifford - SEMrush Academy

SEMrush Academy offers a free SEO course with Greg Gifford who will help you explore everything there is to know about SEO fundamentals - search engine basics, technical aspect of SEO, link building, and on-page optimization.


Website Performance Optimization | Udacity

With this free course, Udacity will help you learn how to optimize your page for speed. You will discover how both desktop and mobile browsers render websites to be able to boost your overall performance.


SheetsCon: Lessons Learned From An Online Conference For 6,700 Folks


Optimizing a Website for Search (Coursera) | MOOC List

With this free course offered by Coursera, you will be able to learn the ins and outs of Optimizing your Website for Search, from an initial audit and identifying the problems to keyword research, optimizing content and optimizing your page for local search.


Oberlo 101: Start Your First Online Business

Do you think about starting an online business? Now it’s the perfect time to prepare for this journey. Oberlo offers the $49.99 course that will guide you from the very beginning (finding the right idea, setting up the store) to the moment of launching (scaling and marketing).


Lab Open Access - DigitalMarketer

DigitalMarketer Lab offers access to all of its content for free for 14 days. You can sign up without any strings attached and learn more about digital marketing, discovering the ins and outs of Facebook and Google Ads, copywriting, email marketing, optimization, and many more.


Insider - DigitalMarketer

You only need to subscribe to the Digital Marketer Insider Newsletter and they will provide you with a weekly dose of digital marketing ideas for free. Apart from that, you will gain access to 18 marketing tools, templates and audits that will help you improve your online presence.


Learn SEO: The Ultimate Guide For SEO Beginners [2020]

Mangools offers the beginner’s guide to SEO for those who have no idea about it (yet). Learn the basics of SEO to be able to explore the mysteries of search engines, on-page SEO, keyword research, link building, and more. And all of that for free.


Ivy League Online Courses | Class Central

If you have dreamed about studying at one of the Ivy League universities, now you have a chance. Now you can choose from a variety of courses (from law and languages to data science and mathematics) offered by the best universities in the world completely for free!


SEO Training Course & Certification | Blue Array Academy

Blue Array Academy SEO courses are prepared and taught by SEO professionals who will teach you how to use their tactics, strategies and tools in your business, whatever it may be. You will learn everything about their concepts and how to implement them effectively on your own.


Discover the Secrets of Landing Page Optimization and Design

Eduonix offers a broad selection of courses - e.g. Landing Page Optimization & Design, Email marketing, Automation marketing - and now, a vast majority of them with a 90% discount or completely for free. Take a course, get an e-degree, and add some useful skills to your portfolio.


Free SEO Certification and Course - SEO for Beginners (2020)

E-marketing Institute gives you an opportunity to take an SEO course and obtain a certificate of completion - and all of that for free. You will get an extensive e-book of specially prepared materials, and take as many tests as you like to get a certificate in, for example, content marketing, blogging, e-commerce or optimization.


SEO Online Course Free : SEO Nibbles understand what Google wants

If you’re looking for the recipe for SEO success, SEO Nibbles is the course for you. You will learn all the necessary SEO basics from scratch, so you can enroll even if you know nothing about it. It’s completely free!


1,500 Free Online Courses from Top Universities | Open Culture

Open Culture prepared a list of universities that offer their courses for free. Here, you will find literally everything you may have dreamed of - from archaeology, art and architecture to economics, languages and IT.


Inbound Marketing FREE Certification Course

Thanks to HubSpot, now you can learn the useful fundamentals of SEO and obtain an Inbound Marketing certification; all of that for free. Enroll now to get access to lessons, videos and quizzes that will help you improve inbound marketing strategy.


A Comprehensive Guide to Local SEO in 2020


Search Engine Optimization | WordPress.org


Advanced Technical SEO: A Complete Guide


Local SEO: The Definitive Guide to Improve Your Local Search Rankings


Understand how structured data works  |  Search for Developers


Detailed Guide to Schema: Structured Data Usage for SEO


Link Building Guide: How to Acquire & Earn Links That Boost Your SEO


Free Marketing, SEO and Advertising Courses

Have you always wanted to gain or improve your knowledge of marketing? Here you can find an enormous library of articles, books, courses, and videos about different branches of marketing, SEO, advertising, and many more.


Free Design, Video & Coding Courses

Master your Design, Video & Coding knowledge

Free Design, Video & Coding Courses

Responsibility Accounting Performance Measurement

The Responsibility Accounting & Performance Measurement course will teach you more about the concept of decentralization and how to apply it to business to improve it. All you need to start are some basics of accounting. Now, you can enroll into this course with a 93% discount.



If you have planned to become the Certified Information Systems Security Professional, now you can start preparing for the exam. Here, you will find the complete video courses that will provide you with all the necessary theoretical knowledge, and some practice tests.


Coursera Coronavirus Response Initiative | Coursera for Campus

In response to coronavirus and the demand for self-isolation, Coursera offers access to its courses for all colleges and universities affected by the situation. They have around 3,800 various courses and 400 specializations for you to choose from.


Machine Learning Basics

With this Udemy course, now offered with a 59% discount, you will learn the basics of machine learning, from logistic regression in R studio to discriminant analysis and KNN learning models.


AWS Certified Solutions

This course offers you all the necessary materials and certification to become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. All you need is some basic knowledge of IT or Amazon Web Services, your eagerness, and time on your hands. Part of the course is free for you to try it.


Beginners Guide to Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) | Class Central Help Center

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) offers a wide range of courses for you to choose from, and all of them for free. Most of them are made by the best universities and include various types of materials: articles, videos, readings, assignments, even discussion forums.


Local SEO For Beginners

This is the perfect course for anyone who wants to know more about boosting your local SEO, but have very little knowledge of SEO in general. You will learn what to do to outrank your local competition and improve your visibility in the area.


HubSpot | Free Conversion Rate Optimization Courses


User Experience Design

Springboard’s free curriculum will teach you the best methods and techniques of UX design, e.g., personas, research, prototyping, or wireframing. You will know how to define and interview your users, and use a variety of user centered techniques.



If you want to know more about what link building is all about, you don’t have to search anymore. This free course will provide you with the fundamentals of SEO link building to be able to build your online authority and improve your traffic.


SEO: Link Building in Depth

This is a more detailed SEO link building course that will help you get to know the tactics of getting links. You will learn the importance of page ranking and the influence that link building has on it. It will help you strengthen your page’s position, rank higher in Google and attract more leads.



This free course will teach you how to set up your own localhost quickly and easily, using node node packing manager liveserver, and how to create files and folders in CLI. You need to have basic computer knowledge and some web development experience to fully benefit from this course.


Introduction to Javascript - Free Course - Codeworks

Have you always wanted to learn JavaScript? Now that you may have a little bit more time on your hands, you have the chance to get to know the basics of JavaScript and start programming. This free course will provide you with everything you need to start.



Winsor & Newton masterclasses will teach you all about techniques, insights, and demonstrations needed to become a better artist. You can sign up to their newsletter to get masterclasses videos directly to your email.


Browse Free Online Courses - FutureLearn

Future Learn gives you access to the courses prepared by the top universities and organisations from all over the world. Whatever your profession or your interest, you will surely find something for you.



Code Academy offers a selection of courses - from web development and programming to computer and data science. You will learn by doing and you will get instant feedback to know what you should be spending more time on. The basic plan that includes interactive lessons and daily practice is free, and if you want more, you will pay only $19.99 a month.


Java Programming Basics | Udacity

This free Udacity course will teach you all the fundamentals of Java programming. You will learn the language’s syntax, create conditional statements, loops, and functions - all you need to start your career as a Java developer.


C Programming - Diploma Course | 2017 | Alison

Alison offers you a chance to get a diploma in C programming for free. You will know how the C language works with data, and how to use various functions, routines and methods. It’s one of the most widely used programming languages, so it’s definitely worth exploring.


Full Stack Web and Multiplatform Mobile App Development | Coursera

Coursera gives you an opportunity to enroll for free into their Full Stack Web and Multiplatform Mobile App Development Specialization course. You will learn the client-side web UI frameworks, the use of Angular Material and Angular Flex-Layout for UI design, build apps for various platforms with a single codebase, and more.


HTML5 Coding Essentials and Best Practices | edX

If you want to know how to write web pages and sites, now you have a chance to learn HTML5 for free. During several weeks, this EDX course will help you master coding techniques and some of the best practices.


Beginner's Guide to Image Editing in Photoshop | Pluralsight

One of the variety of PluralSight courses, now available for free in support of self-isolation. You get the chance to learn the basics of Photoshop, including all the necessary terms and definitions, as well as basic tools and practices.


Learn From Home

If you’re a student affected by the coronavirus pandemic, you have a chance for a scholarship sponsored by the Code Academy. Register with your student email and apply for an opportunity to gain access to all that CodeAcademy Pro has to offer.


Free Online Courses with Certificates @ Alison [1350+ Courses]

Alison’s certificate courses are a base of free courses that end in a respectable certificate for you to enrich your CV. The courses vary so that everyone can find something for themselves: project management, data science, languages, biology, and more.


Adobe InDesign Made Easy

Udemy offers a guide to InDesign for beginners for free. You will learn how to use Adobe InDesign for building comprehensive page layouts. With a free subscription, you will get access to all video content that’s necessary for completing the course, while with a paid subscription, you will be able to contact the instructors and obtain a certificate of completion.


Free Certification - Google Analytics | Alison

Alison enables you to learn all the necessary basics to be able to use Google Analytics efficiently, and all of that for free. You will learn how to improve your website performance by monitoring traffic, finding the best performing features, monitoring keywords performance, finding problems areas, and more.


Social Media Training for Beginners - Social Quickstarter

Constant Contact offers a free guide on how to start building your social media presence. After you have completed this course, you will know how to manage your social media accounts efficiently to drive more traffic to your website and convert it into sales.


Diploma in E-Business - Free Online Training Course | Alison

Thanks to Alison, now you can obtain a diploma in e-business for free. You will learn how to build a good online business strategy, how to design and manage a successful website, how to monitor and improve traffic, and more.


Getting Started with Email Marketing | Learn with Mailchimp | Allyson Van Houten | Skillshare

This is the course for you if you think about implementing email marketing strategy into your business, but you don’t know where and how to start. Thanks to this guide provided by Allyson Van Houten, you will know all about build an efficient strategy that will help you achieve your goals.


Public Speaking Essentials

Become a master in public speaking with this free Udemy course. You will learn how to always create your personal story by finding your own authentic voice. Thanks to that, you will be able to engage your listeners at all times.


Learn Effective Business Communication & Presentation Skills | Alison

This free online course will help you develop effective business presentation skills. You will learn how to prepare for a presentation, develop skills necessary for engaging and persuading an audience, and gain the confidence to speak in front of people.

business presentation

Introduction to Negotiation: A Strategic Playbook for Becoming a Principled and Persuasive Negotiator | Coursera

If you want to develop your negotiation skills, Coursera offers a free course for this. You will learn how to make persuading arguments, and dive deeper into the conflict to see any interests lying beneath the surface. After the course, you will be prepared for predicting, interpreting, and shaping the behaviour of people you face in competitive situations.


Business Communication - Fundamentals of Business Writing | Alison

If you wish to improve your business writing skills for free, this is the course for you. Here you will learn principles of business communication, and how to express your thoughts in a clear and efficient way. After the course, you will know how to write a professional business letter.

business writing

How to Write an Essay | edX

This free course gives you an opportunity to improve your academic writing skills. You will learn basic grammar and terminology, how to write sentences and paragraphs, and how to work on introductions and conclusions. The course will also teach you strategies for writing longer texts.


Introduction to Journalism - Online Course


Online Fiction Writing Course: Start Writing Fiction

You can write like Tolken or J.K. Rowling! You just have to start somewhere. This course opens the door of fictional writing for you. Among others, it concerns developing ideas, creating characters, and reflections on writing and editing.

writing fiction

Journalism for Social Change | edX

In this free course you will learn how to use journalism in media in order to propel positive social change, what are strategies for becoming an effective change agent, and how reporting your work can drive positive policy solutions.

journalism society

Becoming an Entrepreneur | edX

Have you ever wanted to become an entrepreneur? Now is the perfect time with this free online course that will teach you how to define goals, identify opportunities, perform market research, and much more.


How To Build Business Plan Online

Do you wish to enjoy life without worrying about money? Udemy offers a free course on building an online business. The step-by-step plan will help you reach an online passive income of $5.000 per month.


Scaling Operations: Linking Strategy and Execution | Coursera


Online MBA

If you’re looking for an online MBA alternative, you can find a free course on Udemy that will teach you how to generate business ideas, name a business, invest, and much more.


Forensic Psychology Course: Witness Investigation - FutureLearn

You can prevent crime using only eyewitness evidence. In this free forensic psychology course you will learn how to develop your own investigative skills, explore human cognition, and understand the psychology of eyewitness testimony.

psychology crime

Learn about the Fundamentals of Business Law | Alison

Alison offers a free course on business law, where you will learn about business ownership, choose the best ownership for you, and optimise your business, while staying compliant with the law.

business law

Copyright Made Easy

Your work has to be protected according to the law. This Udemy’s free course can help you learn how to do this, by choosing different types of protection, understanding copyrighting, and applying the copyright law for content protection.

copyrights law

Cyberwar, Surveillance and Security | edX

To talk about national cyber security, it’s necessary to understand it first. This free course will help you to get familiar with the knowledge of surveillance technologies, cyber-activism, and online security.

privacy security network

60 Best Free Online Courses For Whatever You Want to Learn


Ivy League Online Courses | Class Central


Mads Singers Management Coaching

Mads Singers’ free training is dedicated to everyone who would like to grow their businesses, become better managers, improve communication in a team, and focus on what matters most.

business HR management

Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners

Have you ever wanted to learn programming? Udemy offers a free Java tutorial for complete beginners. All you need is some basic computer knowledge, and you can make a first step to become a programmer.

programming Java

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Technical Overview

Red Hat’s 30 days free course will help you better understand Linux. Here you will learn the best practical techniques of Linux use, administration tasks, and why the open source development model is so important.

operating systems Linux

Red Hat Agile Integration Technical Overview

If you’re a system administrator, an architect, or a developer, in this Red Hat’s 30 days free online course you will learn how to connect data and applications across hybrid infrastructures.


Ansible Essentials: Simplicity in Automation Technical Overview

Red Hat offers a 30 days free online for everyone interested in Ansible. Here you will learn Ansible automation and configuration management, provisioning, deploying, and managing compute infrastructure across cloud, virtual, and physical environments with Ansible.

Linux automation

Deploying Containerized Applications Technical Overview

If you’re interested in Container technology, or containerising applications, in this 30 days free course you will learn about the concept of containerisation, its applications and services, as well as how to test them using Docker.


Red Hat Satellite Technical Overview

In this 30 days free course focusing on Red Hat Satellite you will have the opportunity to learn about patching and software management, subscription management, provisioning, as well as how to integrate Red Hat Satellite with Red Hat Ansible Automation and Red Hat Insights.


Red Hat OpenStack Technical Overview

Red Hat offers a 30 days free online course for better understanding the basics of cloud computing. In the course you will learn about cloud computing, as well as computing, storage, and network in relation to Red Hat OpenStack Platform.


Virtualization and Infrastructure Migration Technical Overview

If you are interested in open source visualisation, Red Hat offers a 30 days free online course for this. After the course, you will be able to define infrastructure mappings, create, and build migration plans.

IT operating systems

Free Linux & Programming Courses

Have you always wanted to gain a comprehensive knowledge about Linux? Here you can find a lot of extremely useful books and articles focusing on different aspects of Linux, which combined will make a true specialist.


PHP, Python, JS, C, Ruby, Java, Go, Linux and more - Free Resources

If you dreamed about becoming a programmer, now is your chance. Here you can find videos, books, and articles about programming in different languages. An enormous library of data to help you achieve your programming goals.


Growth-Driven Design Agency FREE Certification Course

This course offers the introduction to agile web design and project management. You will learn how to optimize your website with Growth Driven Design technology to improve your work, boost the traffic and attract more leads. Plus, it’s free!


Free access to 7,000+ expert-led video courses and more

In the support of self-isolation, PluralSight shared all 7,000+ expert-led video courses for free for the whole April. All you need to do is create a free account to get access to a wide range of courses in software development, IT operations, big data, cyber security, and more.


Free Networks and Linux Courses

Are you looking for more advanced knowledge about networks and Linux? This link will provide you recordings that present much complex information.

Linux network

Oracle Ramps Up Free Online Learning and Certifications for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Autonomous Database

Interested in Orcale? You can sign up for a free online learning content, in which you will learn Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Autonomous Database. You can also take your free certification exam.


Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco offers a number of free courses in different areas, like programming, cybersecurity, Linux, or entrepreneurship.

programming cybersecurity entrepreneurship Linux

Harvard University Free Online Courses: Programming, Finances, History, Health and more

Harvard University offers free online courses for everybody. You can learn about programming, health, finances, history, and much more. Just choose what is interesting to you, or gain completely new knowledge and skills.

programming finances health

The Best Free Online Courses of All-Time: Programming, AI, Learning

Not sure what to learn next? On Class Central you can find a number of free courses about programming, wellbeing, learning, AI, science, or history.

programming AI learning


If you are staying at home, why don’t you learn about SQL? Here you will find tens of books, articles, and guides about the popular programming language used for managing databases - SQL.

SQL database programming

Free Ebooks, Guides, Art & Museums

Get familiar with the Ebooks, Guides, Art & Museums

Free Ebooks, Guides, Art & Museums

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum - Free Texts (Download, Borrow and Streaming)


National Emergency Library - Free Texts (Download, Borrow and Streaming)


14 Free SEO eBooks Available for Immediate Download (PDF)